Ugly Is Just Ugly
Ugly is often a visual evaluation.  How one looks, dresses, walks, speaks, conducts oneself can quickly be identified as "ugly" moments.

Unfortunately, the worst kind of ugly is found in one's heart.  For some reason, children grow up in environments that teach bias,
prejudices and ultimate labels of how to stereotype all those that conduct themselves in such mannerisms.  

"Ugly is Just Ugly" focuses on how to overcome the multitude of pre condition "ugly" thoughts, feelings and attitudes
that ​​​​​​plague people resulting in unwarranted thoughts and behaviors towards people.  
Helping People Help People

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Lee Provow / Vice President / NCR

Thank you Mr. Arnsmeyer for the well organized, content driven and hilarious presentation of "Diversity is Not an Ugly Word!" to the NCR executive leadership team.  The insights presented were excellent!  ​​