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Successful Engagement Formula

Operations / Administration + Revenue Streams + Cash Management​

Individual Behavioral Change ​

"Treat a man as he is, he will remain as he is! 
​Treat a man as he Can become, He will become what he should be!  ​
- Peyton Manning -

Virtual Consulting
Five Steps to Success!
In 35-years of consulting, one of the greatest expenses for any one given project, is the amount of time spent on-site by the consultant.

LA ResourceS is committed to providing the best results without invoicing the client unnecessary expenses.

The VIRTUAL CONSULTING is completing the initial assessments, questionnaires, and research prior to the consultant being on-site. The client will be provided with "Confidential Agreement" forms to ensure from day one, the highest respect exists between the client and LA ResourceS. ​​​​​

The Invoicing Rate for Virtual Consulting is by the size of the organization. The breakdown is:

Companies Personnel Size: 1 - 10, 11-25, 25 & larger.​​
One standard for the Consultants of LA ResourceS is Integrity. 

It is a Guarantee of LA ResourceS that if the agreed to Deliverables are not met to the Clients satisfaction, a 30% refund of the project will be granted,

A few of the Guaranteed Deliverables of LA ResourceS are:

(1) Obtaining the agreed to        Objectives of the Client.

(2) ​​​ Completing the Consulting Engagement in the time agreed to upon signing of the contract.

(3) ​ Ensuring the mechanisms, throughputs, procedures will result in Increase Productivity, Increase Profits, Improved Morale, and how Cash Management is implemented. 

"If it isn't difficult, everybody would be do it! 

If is difficult that makes the outcome and the process worth experiencing!"

Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own.​​

Step 1: Mutual Respect

Step 2: Mutual Trust.

Step 3: Objective Facilitation

Step 4: Open Communication

Step 5: Commitment to the End

After 35-years of successful consulting of projects, the proof for any organization, small or large, lies in how all personnel work hard to establish these 5 Principles.​​​