Confidentiality Agreement

Establishing Trust

​​Establishing trust between a client and consultant is imperative. After reading the following Confidentiality Agreement and electronically signing your name, this will ensure all materials, issues discussed and statements made will not be shared with anyone before prior approval.

I willing enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with Lloyd Arnsmeyer of LA ResourceS. The purpose for this agreement is to allow Lloyd Arnsmeyer to obtain information concerning my role, perceptions and experiences with the objectives of this project. It is my understanding that anything I submit in writing, statements expressed during any personal interview session or responses given through any assessment will remain confidential between the two stated parties.

I understand this Confidentiality Agreement requires I not discuss specific information with anyone unless agreed to between Lloyd Arnsmeyer and myself. Likewise, Lloyd Arnsmeyer will not discuss specific details with any of the stated parties that are assessed during our interaction without my prior permission.

If this Confidentiality Agreement is defaulted by either of the signed parties, the executive leader will determine the steps to be taken to correct the mishandling of information. ​​
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