​Objective based training is determined by requesting each organization to specifically identify the desired outcome from a training session.  The training materials will be prepared by including important information and statistics of the host organization.  Listed below are subjects to be developed to meet the needs of the inviting organization.

• Project Management
• Time Management
• Good People, Difficult People
• Fighting Fair During a Conflict
• Managing Distress
• Improving Quality at No Cost 
• The Road Traveled Too Much!
• Post Traumatic Stress
• Quality vs. Quantity Improvement
• Diversity is not a Dirty Word
• Procrastination is Fun
• The Plexiglass Silo in Business
• Empowerment is a Process
• Performance Management
• Train, Transfer, Terminate
• Generational Dysfunctions
• Everyone is a Customer ​

Please understand healthy humor, golden nuggets and real life footnotes will be used. Laughter and Learning is up to the Listener.

Training Sessions can be developed and presented for a 2 hour, 4 hour, or 6 hour time period. The focus can be on a single subject matter or the training materials can be developed into a series of learning labs over an extended period of time.

                        Objective Based Training
Helping People Help People
Kenneth G. Clark  /  Retired College President

My prior experience as a US Navy Captain, Vice President in the Computer Industry, South Carolina State Legislator and College President, has given me the opportunity to interview and hire literally hundreds of applicants for employment over the years. I can say proudly and without hesitation that Lloyd Arnsmeyer is one of the finest people that I have ever met and served with.